Talk on care architecture

2020, KU Leuven

Image: Gjiltina Isufi

The series discusses recent architecture project in Flanders in relation to urgent design challenges in the field of care.

The design challenges in care architecture are many. The generic typology of the bed house trickles down too easily in whatever care program. New spatial settings are needed to avoid the sometimes necessary separation ending up in segregation. Not to forget the importance of the interior to do away with the old atmosphere of the clinic and create a welcoming environment, even in the most difficult care program. On top of that the corona pandemic has showed the importance of qualitative infrastructure for the continuation of decent care service in times of sanitary crisis.

We have invited architects to discuss the innovative elements of recent projects in different care programs in Flanders. Regis Verplaetse will present the works of UR architects in Monnikenheide, the center for people with physical and mental disabilities in Zoersel with a great history in architecture. Peter Swinnen (CRIT.) will discuss three projects he designed for elderly at Ter Leenen in Nevele and people with disabilities at Monnikenheide in Zoersel and De Lork in Brussels. Finally, An Fonteyne (noAarchitecten) will discuss the architecture for intensive youth care at De Leemwinning in Mechelen.

  • Regis Verplaetse (UR architects) : 18/11, 17:00-18:00
  • Peter Swinnen (CRIT.) : 25/11, 17:00-18:00
  • An Fonteyne (noAarchitecten) : 9/12, 18:00-19:00

Talk on Care Architecture is organised by the KU Leuven Faculty of Architecture as part of the master studio Care Architecture, set-up by Gideon Boie and Layla Lavens.

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Tags: Care, Psychiatry

Categories: Architecture

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