Psychoanalysis, Urban Theory and the City of Late Capitalism

‘Psychoanalysis, Urban Theory and the City of Late Capitalism’ is a three-day international workshop organized by BAVO and Lorenzo Chiesa at the Jan Van Eyck Aademie (18–20 Nov. 2005).

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Psychoanalysis, urban theory and the city of late-capitalism

A three-day international workshop organised by BAVO & Lorenzo Chiesa in collaboration with the Academie Beeldende Kunsten Maastricht and the Jan van Eyck Academie

Friday 18 – Sunday 20 November 2005



The long-held belief that urban culture is the most effective motor for democratisation and emancipation is currently being shaken. WHILE Marx and his descendents DREAMT of ‘the urban’ as something that MIGHT FOSTER universal solidarity and radical social change, today metropolitan areas are most often seen as places of disintegration, segregation and violence. Similarly, if for Freud the metropolitan way of life made possible the hysterical subjectivity with which psychoanalysis begins, today, in an environment in which individuals and communities have withdrawn into a solipsism that is nurtured by the isolating gadgets of technology, subjectivity seems to be evaporating into generalised autism.


This conference gathers A NUMBER OF experts from the field of Marxist urban theory, radical political philosophy and Lacanian psychoanalysis who WILL DELIVER PAPERS on topics that are relevant for our understanding of what some have named ‘the post-metropolitan condition’. Our hope is that SUCH A COLLABORATION will allow us to analyse post-urban developments AND FORMULATE new forms of resistance.




Friday 18/11

Identifying the urban unconscious

10.00    Coffee

11.00  BAVO

Jan van Eyck Academie

Welcome and introduction

11.15  Michael Zinganel

Graz University of Technology

Crime does pay! How architecture and town planning are powered by crime

12.15   Juliet MacCannel

University of California, Irvine

The city at the end of history, or the eternal city of unconscious

13.15 Lunch

14.15   Marc de Kesel

Jan van Eyck Academie

Something inevitable in racism.
A Lacanian perspective on cosmo-political identity, hatred and democracy

15.15   Edward Soja

London School of Economics/ University of California, Los Angeles

Spatial psychastenia and the postmetropolis

16.15   Break

16.45   André Nusselder

Jan van Eyck Academie

Psychic city walls

18.00   BAVO


18.15   Reception




Saturday 19/11

Conceiving of an urban act

10.00  Reception

11.00 BAVO

Jan Van Eyck Academie

Welcome and introduction

11.15  Friedrich von Borries

Raumtaktik, Berlin

Between opportunity and radical opportunism.
New spatial tactics in a neoliberal global economy

12.15   Roemer van Toorn

Berlage Institute Rotterdam/Delft University of Technology

Aesthetics as a form of politics

13.15   Lunch

14.15   Yannis Stavrakakis

University of Essex

Re-acting to Zizek’s Act/ Re-enacting the Act: Real and Symbolic Dimensions in Psychoanalysis and Politics.

15.15   BAVO

“Mettre un peu d’honte dans la sauce”: Third Way cultural activism, the discourse of the analyst and the city of late capitalism

16.15 Break

16.45 Round Table

17.45   BAVO


17.45   Reception


Sunday 20/11

Psychoanalysis in the city

9.30     Lorenzo Chiesa

Jan van Eyck Academie

Welcome and introduction

10.20  Aaron Schuster

Jan van Eyck Academie

Freud, phobia, capitalism

11.35   Break

11.45   Dany Nobus

Brunel University, West London

The function of money in the psychoanalytical treatment and its possible contribution to a non-capitalist economy

13.00   Lunch

14.30   Renata Salecl

London School of Economics/ University of Ljubljana

Late-capitalism and Psychoanalysis

15.45   Break

16.00   Alberto Toscano

‘Fantasy wears boots, desire is violent, invention is organised’: Metropolitan   insurrection and psychoanalytic categories

Goldsmiths College, University of London

17.15 Break

17.30   Oliver Feltham

Jan van Eyck Academie / American University of Paris

An account of enjoyment (on capitalism and the social bond)

18.45   Lorenzo Chiesa




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