Informal summit on urban and architectural activism in Brussels

Gideon Boie and Lieven De Cauter

09/09/2021, CIVA

Image: Cinéma Jolia

In the framework of the ‘Institution Building’ exhibition, in the chapter on Agency, Gideon Boie, Lieven De Cauter and CIVA organize an informal summit on activism in Brussels.

DATES Saturday, September 25, 2021
HOURS 11:00 - 18:00

Activism represents the moment of real democracy in the city. It is the moment of true politics: when those who are not entitled to rule turn their noise into voice. Activism animates, performs and transforms public space. All these forms of activisms play out in the City somehow. To narrow down the broad field of activisms, the informal summit will focus on urban & architectural activism and bring together actors of these two forms of activism in Brussels. The City is the focus of urban activism: creating the urban commons. Architectural activism is rare, stemming from a discipline linked to money and power, and yet Brussels has shown an awakening in that field. Architectural activism is ideally reinventing the art of building, the city and the spaces we live in.

The aim of the summit is to deepen collaboration between the different actors and strengthen the unity in diversity of activisms in Brussels. We invite a few ‘very important players’ active in each of the two fields, but of course all of you, active citizens out there, are warmly invited to participate. We look forward to a memorable and lively debate.



11:00: Welcome
11:30–13:00: Urban activism
13:00-14:00: Lunch break
14:00-15:30: Architectural activism

16:00-17:00: The future of urban & architectural activism (conclusions)
17:00-18:00: Reception



Artwork by Cinéma Jolia

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Categories: Architecture, Urban planning

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