Five Theses on the Neoliberal City



BAVO presented the 'Five Theses on the Neoliberal City' at Design for the Post-Neoliberal City: Civic City Conference 1 by the Institute Design2context, 12-13 March 2010 at the Zurich University of the Arts (ZHdK).

BAVO presented the ‘Five Theses on the Neoliberal City’ at the first Civic City Conference in Zürich. The conference dealt with the design for a post-neoliberal city. As the Five Theses bypass the leftist myth of disaster capitalism, the presentation did arouse a passionate and sometimes even fierce discussion among the conference participants.

The Five Theses are:

1) The neoliberal city is not made by neoliberal hands

2) The neoliberal city is a socioeconomic win-win

3) In the neoliberal city everybody participates

4) In the neoliberal city everything is possible

5) The neoliberal city develops democratic conflict

The main argument is that the neoliberal city is always almost beyond itself. The designer eager to dream up post-neoliberal urban events is thus forced to behave extremely diplomatic.

Download the presentation here.

The minutes of the presentation and discussion will be uploaded soon.

The conference is organised by Ruedi Baur, Miguel Robles-Duran, Matthias Görlich and Jesko Fezer and hosted by the Zurich University of the Arts Institute Design2context.

Other speakers are: Elisabeth Blum, Ruedi Baur, Tom Holert, Bernd Kniess, Margit Mayer, Erik Swyngedouw and Nik Theodore.

For more information on the conference:

Download the conference program: Civic City Conference Design for the Post-Neoliberal City

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